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our "why?"

We don’t exist just to check the boxes without solving the problem.

Even if you want a social post, a blog post or an ad, you probably want
more traffic, more awareness, more applicants, more demand, more customers, more revenue, more brand ambassadors.

Or … more answers, more depth, more examples, more simplicity, more entertainment.

Our job is not to create content.
Our job is to create understanding, awareness, interest, connection, demand … through content.

While stories can be used to feed the imagination, storytelling also has value in managing change and transformation. 

First, we find out what our real job is, and then – we do that.

Life motto: You are more than who you were

I’ve lived and worked in Paris, London, Spain and made several career turns.
I’ve been a travel consultant, a team lead and a photographer. All roles have served me well while also developing my creative, analytical and co-creation skills.

Trust makes the world go round

I first started taking photos of nature. After some encouragement, my camera became an effective communication and engagement tool. It’s something I rely on to create or capture the emotion of a scene or a sequence.

As a portrait photographer, the process of opening people up and building trust fascinated me the most.

We all come with a story

I like to sort the chaos of the world into images that bring clarity and distill the stories and emotions that surrounds us. Every picture I took was answering a question: “Who is this and what is her role here on this earth?”

Business storytelling

Now I do the same with businesses.
Storytelling and marketing are changing and evolving but it is human nature to understand our world through narratives.
It is my mission to capture and convey the story the company is passionate about.

Riina Vaikmaa

Founder & Creative Director

Riina Vaikmaa Founder & Creative Director