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Visual storytellers in your social media channels

On social media, cutting through the noise is no easy task.

But it’s the question you have to ask yourself with every piece of content you aim at your customers.

How do we make our story rise above the cacophony?

Having a well curated feed and a strategy behind it is key when it comes to connecting with an audience on social media.
Curating snackable pieces of content into a visual story has emerged as a powerful strategy.

But do you have the dedication and expertise to devote to it?

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The Power to Connect through Visual Storytelling

Early cave drawings were the beginning of the visual narrative.
All that has changed really is the method to capture those images.

Now, with a mobile and digital world, you have access to hundreds of millions of people within the blink of an eye.

Pictures say so much more than words when skimming the social streams and checking in with the myriad of digital devices at our fingertips.

Visual Storytelling is far more than an attention seeking tactic,
it’s a powerful strategy for showcasing the human side of your company.

Social Just Got Easy

Wrango was founded with the mission to offer visual storytelling and social media expertise to those who need it most.

We combine engaging visuals, professional copy and creative design with social media marketing and branding to accommodate the era that we live in.

We help you through the entire creative process as well as distribution, from the initial idea through to the final result.

When a potential client or a new team member skims over your brand’s imagery on your social channels, she gets a perceivable sense of who you are and what you want people to feel. 

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